Friedrich Nagler never wished to be shown publicly during his lifetime, but posthumously his work has been shown at the following exhibitions:

1. ‘The Unknown World of Friedrich Nagler’, England & Co. Gallery, 40-42 Great Portland Street, London W1, 5 - 24 April 2013, see: 

2. ‘The Secret World of Friedrich Nagler’, Paul Smith Shop at 9 Albemarle St., Mayfair, London, 20 June to 26 July 2014. The photo above shows the shopfront during this exhibition.

3. ‘The Secret World of Friedrich Nagler’, Paul Smith Space Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 20 February to 28 March 2015. 

4. ‘Friedrich Nagler Exhibition’, Zetter Hotel, St John’s Square, London EC1 from 24 April to 5 June 2015. 

5. ‘Wunderkammer’, Pallant House Gallery, DeLonghi Print Room, 30 June to 16 October 2016. 

6.  'Friedrich Nagler: A Personal Mythology', Hove Museum & Gallery from 13 June to 5 November 2019.  This exhibition is part of the Insider/ Outsider Festival.

Pictures taken to document these exhibitions are accessed using the above links, or by using the tabs above.

Landing picture above: Paul Smith shop, 9, Albermarle St., Mayfair, London - Shop window display of Friedrich's paintings during exhibition 20 June to 26 July 2014