1. Brittain-Catlin, Timothy (2013) ‘Crowded House’, The World of Interiors, April, pp214-219. Photographs by Jane Baldwin (currently not available online or for download)

 2. Bischof, Hartwig (2014) ‘Die Masken des Friedrich Nagler’ Quart. 2014 Nr.1, pp29-31 available here  (in German)
3. Nagler, Martin (2013) ‘A Short Biography of Friedrich Nagler’. Please click here to view

4. Nagler, Martin (2013) ‘Friedrich Nagler’s Art’.  Please click here to view

5. Bischof, Hartwig (2015) 'Nagler: A Prima Vista Interpretation' (in German). Please click here to view

6. Bischof, Hartwig (2015) 'Nagler: Ein Erster Blick' (in German). Twenty-seven pages of analysis of the work with comparisons made to other artists + 51 pages of pictures giving a very good cross-section of the work. This major treatise is now available for viewing, see 'Click here to view' link at the bottom of this page.  On next screen select Download anyway and wait a 2 to 5 minutes for download to complete; the file will then open on your screen):

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Bischof, Hartwig (2015) 'Nagler: Ein Erster Blick'

Clich here to view