Poetry by Friedrich


Friedrich Nagler hand-wrote a total of 42 books of poems between September 1969 and March 1976.  He used old appointment diaries that had been put into the rubbish bins at his places of work.  The first 5 and last 2 of these books of poems have been typed-up into digital files.  

Selected poems concerning Friedrich's life as an ARTIST can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Selected BIOGRAPHICAL poems from Book 1 can be viewed by clicking HERE.
Many of those who knew Friedrich during his lifetime were not aware how important his relationship with his GOD was to him and how this influenced and drove his art work.  This only became apparent when so many of his poems addressed this subject - click HERE to view a selection of them.

Friedrich wrote numerous 'SELF PORTRAIT' poems that reveal and explore his inner feelings and in particular how he felt about himself. A selection of these autobiographic poems can be viewed by clicking HERE