Film: 'Friedrich'

1.  Film: 'Friedrich' (2011) - documentary exploring the life of unknown artist Friedrich Nagler

Directed by Kitty McMahon, Produced and edited by Natalia Mirsaka. University of the Arts, London College of Communication, BA Film & Television Graduation Show, 13 June 2011. Awarded BAFTA Best Film. See . To see the Graduation Show 2011 trailers, click here. To view the film 'Friedrich', 11 minute short documentary, click here .  Also available Here.

2.  The Artist, Friedrich Nagler: The Discovery

Mervyn Nagler explores the family home, after the passing of his father, discovering his father's artwork.  The artist had stored his work in countless boxes and containers that contained 'families' of his creations, just waiting to be discovered.  Filmed by Bruce Lawrence you can see how the discoveries unfolded.

Part 1:  Please click Here

Part 2:  Please click Here

Many thanks to Amanda Alexander for posting these films on YouTube.