Paul Smith Exhibitions

Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a great admirer of Friedrich's art work and has staged two exhibitions:

‘The Secret World of Friedrich Nagler’, Paul Smith Shop at 9 Albemarle St., Mayfair, London, 20 June to 26 July 2014. 

The Secret World of Friedrich Nagler, Paul Smith Space Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 20 February to 28 March 2015.  

See photos taken of the exhibitions, first row from London, second row from Tokyo:

Paul Smith, London

Shop window display, London, featuring Friedrich's paintings - acrylic on laminate

Metal Constructs

Part of display featuring brass & chrome animal constructs in front of acrylic on laminate paintings

Styalised clay animal & a plastic construct 

Segment of large display

Shelf Display

A 3-shelf display of small miniature metal constructs backed by acrylic on laminate paintings of faces

Paul Smith, Tokyo

Stephen Rothholz helped bring Paul Smith's exhibition to Tokyo, here pictured outside of the gallery >>>>>>>>>>>

View to right

The right side of the gallery, showing paintings & miniature metal constructs

Central view

Hundreds of small metal constructs and other sculptures presented in installations with large acrylic on board paintings on the far wall