Friedrich Nagler: Resin

Friedrich started working in resin when he had access to this material at his place of work at a shipbuilders in Waterlooville that constructed glass-fibre boats. He painted the resin faces that he created in bright acrylic paint.  The size of these faces ranged from miniature up to the size of a large hand.

The smaller work was stored in 'families' in shallow trays, and the larger pieces were stored in newspaper or boxes.

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Friedrich Nagler: Resin Profiles

Amanda Alexander nee Nagler has catalogued a series of 35 minature resin profiles and a selectiion of these can be viewed as a slideshow by clicking the image to the left.

Friedrich Nagler: Resin Egg-Mould Faces

Friedrich pioneered the use of egg-shells for use as a mould for a large number of resin sculptures.  Amanda has documented a series of 58 of these so far and a selection can be viewed as a slideshow by clicking the image to the right.
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